Taha Manzar

Senior Web Designer

Design Skills:
Web/Graphic/Interaction design
UI/UE,IA, +Digital Photography
Designed over 100 websites
Designed over 15 web applications
+2touch-enabled phone UIs

Development Skills:
Prototypes design/production
Built over 65 websites
Built over 10 web app prototypes

Muhammad Fasieh

Marketing Manager (MBA in Marketing)

Marketing Consultant and experienced project manager with a track record of achieving exceptional results under challenging marketplace conditions. Particularly strong in conceptualization, development and implementation of strategic, research-driven marketing place leading to institutional positioning consistency in the IT sector. Extensive experience leading cross-functional project teams. Seen as a creative solver who leads by example & demonstrates a belief in enabling individual responsibility in a team-oriented context.

Alvin Chee

Business Consultant

10 years of experience in structuring website for search engine optimization and to generate traffic and leads. Utilizing tools such as Google analytics, webmaster tools, etc to enhance website performance. Currently acting as an online business consultant for several manufacturers and distributors to expand their business market locally and oversea